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Beautiful Results. Personalized Care.

Rod Set

Moisture. Volume. Definition. Luster.


Whatever your hair concerns or goals are, they can impact the way you feel and the way you show up for yourself.

Your hair can make you feel defeated or on top of the world.

It can strip you of your confidence or give you the exact boost you need.

In 30 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women fall in love with their hair. And I’ve seen it all; from alopecia to postpartum hair loss, breakage from harsh chemicals and over styling.


The real road to transformation starts with a knowledgeable, trustworthy, and committed stylist that can help you nail the hair routine that delivers hair health and sky-high confidence. 

You’re worth it!


We’re obsessed with healthy hair and texture appreciation!

At Hair's Kay Beauty Salon, we:

Thermal Texture _Silk Press

1. Healthy Hair

Prioritize Hair Health Over Everything to focus on the integrity and vitality of every strand

Recycled Paper

2. Create a Safe Space

Provide calm, comfort, and tranquility that makes you feel welcome and safe—like a good time with friends.

Bright Gradient

3. Provide Unmatched Service

Deliver the ultimate salon experience with quality products and personalized care. 

Take Products Home with You Today!

Get that luxurious Beauty Salon feeling at home. Each of the products we use on our clients is available for purchase, so you can continue to indulge yourself in between appointments. Be sure to take them home with you. 

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