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I Did it! I did a detox before Christmas!

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

I never thought I could do it! Never in a million years could I picture myself only drinking liquids for 3 days straight. Well, a week before Christmas I decided to join my clients on the Majestri Raww Detox Program journey!

After getting my 3-day supply and daily instructions, I felt in my heart that I wouldn't be able follow through with it, but after drinking my first cup of warm lemon water and the first of my daily 13 bottles, I knew I was on my way and there was no point in turning back. I ended up losing 5lbs in the process while some of my friends lost up to 8!

Why do we need to do a #detox? Well, its a way of resetting our habits and thoughts about food. It allows our digestive tract to rest and because everything benefits from the consumption of water, its great for our hair, skin, and overall health.

The salon #hairskaysalon will be hosting Majestri Raww on Saturday December 30th, 2017 at 4pm at Ninth Square Apartments using the entrance at 51 Crown St. New Haven. Majestri will be speaking about the benefits of #detoxing and supporting those of us who will be partaking another #detox. For more information - call the salon 203.389.7282 or visit our Facebook Event page.

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